Why The Villages Golf Cars?

We have a large selection of golf cars and first-class customer service. The Villages Golf Cars is the ideal place to visit when you are looking for a new or pre-owned golf car. Shop and learn about golf cars in a comfortable, low-pressure environment with a team that is committed to helping you find the best golf car, FOR YOU. Visit us today to test drive or contact us to schedule an appointment.


All of our new and reconditioned golf cars come with a 1-Year Bumper-to-Bumper warranty. This covers all factory and aftermarket accessories installed by us, including wearable items. Does your drive belt feel like it’s slipping or tires feel bouncy? Come in, there is no charge.

New Gas Yamaha QuieTechs come with an additional year of powertrain warranty that is supplied by us. This gives a total of 5 years on the powertrain.

Priority Service Member

Get preferred appointment scheduling as a priority service member. These dates typically range 5-6 weeks faster than non-members.

What about a wreck? Our team can help. If your cart wasn’t purchased from us, it will have different light packages, enclosures, seats, and paint. Because of this, we don’t have the necessary items needed to fix the golf cart and it will need to go back to who it was purchased from.

Complimentary Loaners

Do we not have the exact model you want in stock and available to purchase? Build exactly what you want and take advantage of a free loaner golf car until yours is finished.

You also will get complimentary loaners when you drop your golf car off for service. Service loaners may be used for a day for an oil change or for multiple days if we need to order specialized parts for repair. All for no charge.

Exclusive Items

When we help a manufacturer develop an innovative product, we get exclusive rights to this item. Some of these include self-cancelling turn signals, the hard valance rain enclosure, the rear LED light bar with backup lights, and more.

Other items we have exclusive rights on include: Sleekline products, the sliding Curtis Cab, and rear mirror with backup camera.

Roadside Assistance

All golf cars (new, reconditioned, demo, pre-owned) purchased through us come with 1-Year of roadside assistance. This service is provided through AGA (American Golf Car Association).

AGA provides pick up service 24/7. Whether you’re stuck on a golf course or have a dead battery, AGA will be there to pick your cart up.


All of our showrooms are on The Villages property and golf car accessible. You can drive up to our service center and speak direct with one of our service technicians. Because most other dealers are not on property, they will charge a service fee to send a technician to your house before they even diagnose the problem.

We are only closed 4 days per year and are open until 6am-7pm during the week.

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