The Villages Golf Cars offers drive up fuel service at Gordon’s Garage, Goedken’s Garage, and Gantenbein’s Garage. Our fuel is 100% petroleum, the fuel recommended by most manufacturers and the best way to get the most performance and life out of your golf car.

What is Non Ethanol Gas?
Gas comes in many different forms, usually categorized by different mixtures of petroleum and ethanol. Ethanol, which is derived from corn, is used by gas manufactures as a flammable, colorless additive. Ethanol has been added to create a gas that burns cleaner than pure gasoline, but can sacrifice performance. Many carbureted and small engines were not designed to run gas with an ethanol additive.

How does Ethanol affect my Golf Car?
Ethanol attracts and absorbs water from the air and can lead to rust and contamination in your engine. If ethanol gas sits for a period of time, it can separate (gas from water) and cause the engine to suck up water instead of fuel, leading to serious engine damage.

Where can I get Non-Ethanol Gasoline?
The Villages Golf Car Stores offers 3 locations in Spanish Springs, Lake Sumter Landing, and Brownwood which offers only non-ethanol golf car approved gasoline during showroom hours.

More and more gas stations are starting to offer non-ethanol options as it is recommended for antique cars, boats, lawn equipment, motorcycles, and golf cars. Look for the “non-ethanol” pump next to the regular unleaded options.

For more information about the appropriate gasoline for your golf car, stop by one of The Villages Golf Car’s showrooms and ask one of our service or sales representatives.