Quiet and Odorless!

Electric golf cars sales are on the rise. This is due to the increasingly popular lithium options. Lithium gives the quiet ride, smooth takeoff, and range that residents of The Villages have been asking for and we have an option for everyone.

Benefits of Lithium Include:

2X Faster Charging

No Break in Period

Maintenance Free

Charge Any Time, At Any Charge Level

Increased Range, Due to Lightweight Batteries

No Decline In Performance As Battery Level Lowers


Will I have enough range for daily use?

We’ve found the average resident will drive 3,500 – 5,000 miles in their golf car per year. There are days with more activity or no activity, but this breaks down to roughly 15 miles per day. These lithium powered golf cars have the largest battery packs available and can easily do routine trips within The Villages. Most 2-Passenger models are getting 55 miles + per charge.

What if I run out of a charge? Won’t I be stranded?

Just like a gas golf car, if you are stranded, there are services that can pick you up. These lithium batteries can accept a charge at any time and some models have a built-in charger. If you go back home or to a friends house, you can charge for as little as 30 minutes and notice an increase in remaining charge.

Aren’t lithium golf cars more expensive than a gas golf car?

In initial cost, yes. However, with low maintenance costs and having a cheaper operational cost per mile, many residents can expect an break even around year 4 or 5.

How much are replacement batteries going to cost?

As production of lithium batteries continues to rise, the cost keeps getting lower and lower. Think of how flat screen TV prices started to decline over the years. Current large battery pack replacements are approximately $5,000 to replace and we expect over the next 5-10 years for this to decrease to a range of $3,000 – $4,000.

Won’t a round of golf use the majority of my range?

A typical 18 hole course is 6-8 miles. Here in The Villages, our courses are closer to 5-6 miles per round. If you play a 9 hole Executive Course, you can expect to use closer to 3 miles of range.

Don’t electric golf cars have sluggish performance?

The lead-acid versions of electric golf cars in the past would struggle uphill or when the charge started to get low. Newer lithium models with AC motors have instant torque. These models will outperform gas golf cars acceleration from a stop or going uphill. These lithium golf cars do not have a performance decrease as battery charge gets lower.

Is this newer technology? How do we know it will hold up?

Lithium batteries have been around since 1991 when SONY released the first commercially available lithium battery. The Villages Golf Cars has been selling lithium golf car models since 2017.

What if I’m a part-time resident? Will this work for me or should I purchase a gas golf car?

Lithium models are great for part-time residents. They will only discharge at about 2% of the charge per month. They can easily store for 6 months at a time without needing attention. Fuel starts to degrade after 45 days and has a shelf life of 3 to 6 months. Old fuel frequently causes damage to the sending unit and throttle body, leading to expensive repairs.

E-Z-GO Liberty

The vehicle pushing everything in a new direction. The all new Liberty has four forward facing seats, while maintaining the same length as a typical rear facing model.

  • Up to 45 Miles of Range
  • 8-Year Battery Warranty
  • Only available in 4-FWD model for maximum comfort
  • Many accessories available with more on the way!


The one that started it all. The E-Z-GO Freedom RXV ELiTE has sold over 110,000 cars. 25 million hours of field performance, and is on nearly 2,000 golf courses.

  • Up to 60 Miles of Range
  • 8-Year Battery Warranty
  • Available in 2-passenger, 4-passenger, and with hard cab options
  • Many options and upgraded seats to choose from

Star EV Sirius

If you want the latest and greatest, this is it. The Star EV Sirius was designed and engineered as a low speed vehicle. The level of quality and standard options, like seat belts, will amaze you.

  • Up to 80 Miles of Range
  • 5-Year Battery Warranty
  • Available in 2-passenger and 4-passenger versions
  • More standard options than any other golf car with more accessories on the way

Star EV Capella

Where high quality meets affordability. The Capella is spacious, sturdy, and stylish with a 10″ full color CAN bus display!

  • Up to 45 Miles of Range
  • 5-Year Battery Warranty
  • Available in 2/ 4/ and 6-passenger versions
  • Limited Aftermarket Accessories